Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mallory Alisabeth on Etsy!

I won a giveaway a few days back! (I enter everyone I find! and I finally won in two different ones!) This one was a Halloween scavenger hunt hosted by BunnyBlogs. You had to search through several etsy shops to find a cute little ghost and make a list of the links where he was. This was really cool because you got to search through several shops and see all the different hand made items in each one.

One of the shops that entered and hosted a prize for the give away was Mallory Alisabeth Of Mallory Alisabeth Creations. Mallory was super nice and got my prize to me very quickly so I can only assume that her shipping from sales is just as fast. Here is the awesome Key chain and Halloween Wallet I won!

Mallory is seven years old! Amazing right! She started making crafts because she was always complaining to her mother that she was bored, while her mother made doll clothes, so her mother asked her if she wanted to make doll necklaces to help out, and from there she moved on to try her hand at other crafts. I asked her what her favorite craft is to make and she said "I haven't decided to what my ultimate favorite thing to make is, but I really like making the shaving cream note cards. It can be pretty messy, but it's really cool how different each card comes out. Plus, my little brother can even help me sometimes" Awww! She sent me a little packet of those cards along with the wallet and key chain and they smell really good and are so pretty! Mallory's favorite item in her shop is the Halloween Kitty and pumpkin magnet. She says that Halloween is her favorite holiday and she loves cats because they are soft. I asked her what she'd like to be when she grows up and she said she isn't sure but maybe "a basketball player because I'm so tall, or a model because I have cool style and I have striking features (really dark hair and really white skin). I think I just want to be successful in whatever I do, and that would make me happy." I agree! If you don't love what you do, you will never be happy. Mallory is a girl after my own heart, her hobbies are: swimming, reading (She told me she's the best reader in her class), playing soccer (and beating the boys!) and having fun with her Girl Scout troop. Sounds Exactly like me when I was in school!

I just wanted to let everyone know how sweet Mallory is and how awesome her shop is! Please pay her shop a visit! She works really hard, every thing is made, photographed and listed by Mallory!

Thank you Mallory for participating in the giveaway and allowing me to feature you in my blog! You were very fun to work with and I hope your shop gets lots of hits! :D


  1. Thanks for featuring Mallory in your blog! She is so excited!

  2. Yay for Mallory! Thanks for featuring a member of the Etsy Maine Team. :) Her mom is pretty darn talented, too.

  3. What a great blog and a great person to feature!!

  4. :D I was happy to feature Mallory! I've updated with some giveaways, that all of you can enter! I've had such good times with the giveaways, I just want to spread the word! :D