Sunday, November 8, 2009

A tour of my "Studio"

Ok, so I finally rounded up some more paper, and took some time today to do some printing, but before I "unveil" my masterpieces, I thought I'd give you all a view of my "studio." My studio is actually just my apartment. My kitchen, my bathroom, my deck and my desk!

First thing I do is pick out my pictures on my computer, make a negitive and print it out. Then I use a frame like this

I coat the paper with light sensitive chemicals in my "dark room" also known as the "throne room," or "stink shack!" I usually sit on the floor with my work spread out around me! Every thing has been cleaned beforehand! Trust me!

After my paper has been dried, I put them in the frames and develop them in the sunlight on my deck. I don't have a table so I use the table off the side of my bbq grill.

I know it isn't much, but it works pretty well. Hopefully when the hubs and I move out of our tiny apartment, I'll have a proper porch with a big ol table! Ok so the next step after developing in the sunlight is to stop the exposure process. I do this by rinsing in cold running water. After the image is rinsed, and dried, I hang it to finish drying. I'd leave them flat, but I don't have a ton of counter space. Any who here is the view of my "photography lab."

These are a few I printed today, and as soon as they are dry I'll have them displayed and posted up on etsy. I have to say the one of my husband on the far left, is my favorite one I've ever printed! Not just because its the hubs, but because he's sitting on the dock, and the lake is behind him, it makes for a very fine print!

Thanks for visiting my little "studio!" It really makes me happy to share my process, and it always excites me to show people you don't have to have the perfect conditions or expensive equipment to make beautiful art!

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