Saturday, June 27, 2009


So the house sparrows that were killing my blue bird eggs are gone. The maintenance men covered the vents in my apartment complex that the birds were nesting in. This is good news because house sparrows are vicious evil little birds. My blue birds have had to build three different nests and have laid a total of fourteen eggs only to have nine of them cracked open by sparrows. The current five look great. I'll be taking some shots later today and keeping a bird diary of the little blues growing up. I can't wait to see the little guys hatch. Right now there are five light blue eggs and the mom and dad blue birds keep taking turns going in and out of the house. They are so sweet to watch. I'm sure the bird diary is going to be sweet. :D :D :D

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  1. Oh yea, so the birds I was so excited about hatching, well they hatched and were about to leave the nest when a cat ate them. Yep. It was horrible. I took pictures of them every day while they were alive, so I might put those up here. I guess its the circle of life and all that junk. Darn wild cats.