Saturday, May 23, 2009

My etsy store!

Hello! I finally joined the blog-nation! I guess I should start by saying what motivated me to start a blog. That would be my etsy store! I'm pretty new on etsy but am loving it so very much. Its a online site that hosts shops who all sell handmade or vintage things! It is a pretty awesome place where you can find unique and personal gifts for everyone in your life. My store has photography (well cyanotypes right now) and sock monkeys, but I will soon be adding some of my favorite edibles and some photography prints too. I also have some purses I'm in the process of making and they might make it up into the shop too.

A little about myself: I am 22 years old, I got married last October to my awesome husband, who is also has an etsy shop in progress. ( I have two hamsters, several fish, including a Green Spotted puffer fish named G. Puff, and a bird box full of blue birds that I am stalking. As you may have already read, I love crafty stuff, sewing, photography and cooking! I hardly make anything pre-made anymore. My hubby loves it and so do I! (my butt maybe not so much lol.) I look forward to my etsy shop taking off so I can send my crafts and hobbies off to new homes around the country! Follow me and you'll see some of the madness that goes on in this skull of mine!!!

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